Allergy Pet App

The Mission

I love opportunity to engage people through user research, get to know their stories, and uncover insights from unexpected places that I can translate into actionable product design recommendations. When I was approached by the client to create a digital experience and aid them in helping pet owners whose pets suffer from allergies, being a pet lover myself – I jumped at the chance.

Structure Before Design

Before beginning any of our designs for the application, we spent a great deal of time making sense of user flows and card sorting processes.
We faced particular challenges with labeling and as we found that language varied from user to user – especially between older and younger generations of pet lovers. Focusing on structuring content for stress cases, the application required simplicity for the users.
Prioritizing features to define a minimum viable product involved cutting the app to 4 main navigation elements. We also focused on user flows, testing with users in order to eliminate pain points in the process before continuing on to wireframes and prototypes.

Initial Testing Wireframes

Wireframes – Mobile to Desktop

User Flows

Sketching Out Our Thinking

In order to better understand and empathize with the need of our pet lovers, we mapped out workflows on paper. Doing so helped us to understand the particular points where our application could help minimize some of the pain points users experience under stress, and also highlight ways where we could try to innovate.
Our digital wireframes and prototypes helped us to bring the designs to life and evaluate them with our users. This helped us work quickly and led us to get feedback and consider other ideas. Sketching many concepts helped us to form a broader view of the application earlier in the process – helping to facilitate a more effective design prior to the design phase.

Early Design Sketches

Early Design Sketches

User Persona


During the stakeholder interview process we began to realize the amount of anxiety that many pet lovers went through while trying to find a solution for their pet.
From the outset, we strove to let go of any preconceived notions and chose to confront the realities of customer emotions and the motivations behind their behavior in order to empathize with pet lovers and create an experience that could make a real difference in their lives and the lives of their pets.

Cultivating Empathy

Many people found the process of finding a solution to their pets allergies a frustrating and anxiety-filled experience. This was compounded due to a glut of conflicting information and the high costs of solutions that were presented.
Most of our pet lover’s experiences of seeking advice, both through online sources and the advice of veterinarians, left families with pets not satisfied with the level of care their pet was receiving. It was surprising to find that, in some cases, it took years for people to find a solution to their pet’s allergies. Some traditional solutions even had tragic results for their pet.

User Persona

Empathy Map

Empathy Map


An app that gives pet owners tools, solutions and strategies to help treat pets that suffer from allergies.

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Lead UX researcher, Mobile app developer